A12 Forged Piston Kit


A12 Forged Piston Kit

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Available for A12 engine.

This sale is a brand new set of Forged Lightweight Pistons with rings, pins, and locks.
KAMEARI Forged Pistons are designed for heavy duty (towing, etc.)
and high performance street car, and some racing applications.
KAMEARI Forged Pistons are far stronger than cast pistons.

**Kameari Instructions
You can install to high performance cams and bigger valves Because they has already valve recess.
From street class to race use, KAMEARI piston kits will meet your needs in any application.

A12 1300cc High Compression Piston Kit - 77mm
Pin Diameter x Length 17.45x46mm
Pin Height 32.7mm
Piston Ring Thickness 1.2x1.2x2.5mm
Rod Type A12 Rods
Crankshaft A12
*These pistons are used with a factory A12 crank and a factory length A12 connecting rod to maintain a 1.3L displacement.
Converter mm-inch

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