GX OVAL Intake Manifold.


GX OVAL Intake Manifold.

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GX OVAL Intake Manifold.
GX OVAL Intake Manifold.
GX OVAL Intake Manifold.
GX OVAL Intake Manifold.
GX OVAL Intake Manifold.
GX OVAL Intake Manifold.
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Datsun 1200 (7001 - 7305)
Datsun 1200 ute (7510 - 9403)
Datsun 1000 (6604 - 7001)
Datsun 120Y, B210-B310 (7305 - 7710 - 8304)
*Available fit for oval ports.
*GX-A12, A14/A15 engine for Solex/Weber/Dellorto/Sport twin carb.
This complete Kit of twin carburetors for SOLEX/WEBER/OER/DELLORTO that fit the oval ports of A series engine.
It's manifold made by alloy casting.
This is usable from a race to a street. so high reliability. and high quality.

x1 OVAL Intake Manifold Complete Kit.
1. x1 Intake manifold body.
2. x1 Round drive shaft 295mmG(Bar/Rod).
3. x1 Shaft stopper(inculde to drive shat).
4. x2 Uniball 8mm-8mm metric thread(Support guide Pillow ball/Eyelets).
5. x2 Lever arm 40-60mm fit 8mm shaft(3 links).
6. x1 Accelater wire holder 6.5mm(fan shaped).
7. x1 Bracket to hold accelerator cable.
8. x1 Return Spring.
9. x2 Ball joint link 95-100mm b/centers(Swivel ends).
10. x4 hose clamp 13-15mm.
11. x1 hose plug 8mm.
12. x1hose plug 14mm.
13. Fuel rubber hose ID-8mm/OD-14mm 1000mm.
14. x2 Insulator.
15. x4 Insulator gasket.
16. x1 Oval intake manifold gasket(29-35mm).

*Bprojects did several times tests in our B110, but there were not some cracks too.
*Please you have cut for same ports size by oneself. if your ports are the largest.

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