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Heavy Duty Alloy Shift Control Bushing


Heavy Duty Alloy Shift Control Bushing

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Heavy Duty Alloy Shift Control Bushing
Heavy Duty Alloy Shift Control Bushing
Heavy Duty Alloy Shift Control Bushing
Heavy Duty Alloy Shift Control Bushing
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Datsun 1200 (7001 - 7305)
Datsun 1200 ute (7510 - 9403)
Datsun Skyline C110 C210 (1973-1981)
Datsun BlueBird-U G610 Series ( from Aug.1974)
Datsun BlueBird 710 FS5W63A
Datsun A10 Violet ( up to March 1980)
Datsun BlueBird 810 (1978-1979)- FS5W63A , F4W71B, FS5W71B.
Datsun FairladyZ 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX (1969-1983)
Datsun Laurel C230 C31 (78-79-80-81-82-83)
Datsun 330 430 260C 280C
Datsun S110 180SX
Datsun Truck 720 1979-1982

F4W56L F5C56A F4W60L FS5W63A FS5W60A F4W71B FS5W71B
*Should do checking like the picture: There are possible differently for the Country specifications/ Age type/ Model grade!

Brand New ITEM.
From Japan to world wide.
How about the shift-feeling of your Datsun?
No good, Does shift-control rickety? then it is unpleasant.
Can return by those bush to a correct shift.
That shift feeling can return to "Good feeling" by those shift bushing.
This bushing made by Alloy duralumin.
**Surface is red anodized**

When hard to insert bushing: Please do chamfering to the shift control side.

Brim OD: 18mm.
Insert OD: 12mm.
ID: 9.3mm.
Lenght: 9.5mm.
Converter mm-inch

x2 Bushing(pair).

Surface treatment: RED anodized.
Shift bush

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Mike Dennison
2013 / 7 / 24 . 水曜日

Shifter bush,
Great product, heavy duty, Billet and anodized, fits great, well made item.

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