Datsun 1000

Datsun 1000 Clutch Bearing (30502-18001/TK31-1B1)


Datsun 1000 Clutch Bearing (30502-18001/TK31-1B1)

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Datsun 1000 Clutch Bearing (30502-18001/TK31-1B1)
Datsun 1000 Clutch Bearing (30502-18001/TK31-1B1)
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Item Description

Datsun 1000 (6604 - 7001)
Available for A10 model engines.
Does not fit for than A12 engine.

x1 Bearing.
Does not include clutch sleeve.

This clutch bearing was "discontinued" by Nissan.
Bprojects bought those deadstock from the world and sell on here.
Easy bolt-on install.

ID: 31mm.
OD: 57mm.
Width: 19mm.
Converter mm-inch

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