Head Gasket

A14/15 Head Gasket 1.0mm-77.5mm


A14/15 Head Gasket 1.0mm-77.5mm

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A14/15 Head Gasket 1.0mm-77.5mm
A14/15 Head Gasket 1.0mm-77.5mm
A14/15 Head Gasket 1.0mm-77.5mm
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Datsun 1200 (7001 - 7305)
Datsun 1200 Ute (7510 - 9403)
Datsun 120Y, B210 (7305 - 7710)
Datsun 120Y/140Y, B310 (7305 - 8304)
Datsun E10 Cherry (7010 - 7409)
Datsun C120 Vanette (7810 - 8811)
Datsun C22 Vanette (8509 - 9403)
*Will Fit for Datsun A14 A15 Series Engine installed.

x1 Cylinder Head gasket.

Nissan Genuine Standard Cylinder Head Gasket.
Compatibility(Interchanged number).
Made in Japan, Does not manufacture by China/Taiwan/Thai factory of the aftermarket.

Bore diameter: 77.5mm(minimum)/79mm(maximum).
Thickness: 1.0mm.
Converter mm-inch
A14Cylinder Head Gasket

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Nissan Genuine Parts.